Get your internet security scan right now!

We collected a list of scanning tools to evaluate your office or website internet security.

A handcrafted report will advise your internet provider to help you increase your security on the internet.

  • A port scanner
  • DNS queries
  • Protocol analysis
  • Best practise for website and email security
  • Indexed content found by webcrawlers
  • Authentication methods
  • Software versions
  • Etcetera

After submitting your website address and optionally your office ip address. We will start investigating and write a report on security risks you should consider to get sorted.

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Custom internet security scan

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The tools we are using to assess your security level on the internet are amongst others:


  • Nmap, a port scanner
  • Hydra, a login cracker
  • Beef XSS an exploit scanner
  • SQLMap, injection testing
  • OWASP Zap, website vulnerability scanner




At Vellekoop ICT we have 25 years of experience in professional IT environments ranging from small to many international organisations where security is the most important factor in there online presence.